Science Lab


Apron coat; Terrycot

Arc indicator; wooden big size

Articulated Human Skeleton

Autolave Portable; 12"x12"Alum

Auxanometer Demonstration; With clock work

Beakers (different size)

Bone cutter; 6" S.S.

Burette; Borosil Glass Teflon stop cock, 50 ml

Butterfly Net

Cavity black;40x40mm

Cellophane Paper

Chemicals Biuret reagent 125ml

Chemicals Dichlorophenol endophenol 5gm

Chromatography paper

Compound Microscope with built in system. 5x, 10x, 45x

Couplin Jar; pvc

Cover slips

Descicator; 6" glass (15 cm)

Dissecting Boards 9” X6”

Dissecting Boxes – St. Steel parts special quality

Dissecting Dishes for Insects – St. Steel made size 10 x 8 dia small

Dissecting microscope with 2 eye piece 10x and 20x China type

Dissection Box; 19 Instruments

Dissection Tray; Stainless Steel 11"x7" with wax

Dropper; 6"

Dropping bottle; 60ml

Dropping Bottles – small 60 ml with teat

Electronic photometer

Euglena and Chlamydomonas need

Filter paper; 12.5cm

Funnel; 3" glass (7.5 cm) Soda

Ganong’s Respiroscope; Borosil Glass

Glass Bell Jars 150 x 225mm China

Glass Flask 250ml B/Glass

Glass Funnel 3 dia or 3.5 dia medium China B/G

Glass Petri Dishes 10 cm dia 1 cm height 4”

Glass Petri Dishes 10 cm dia 1 cm height 6”

Glass Slides pkt of 72 pieces 76 x 26 mm with ground edges

Glass Specimen Jar with Lid – With lid

Helotropic chamber;

Human Models Eye

Human Models Heart

Human Models Kidney

Human Models Stomach

Human Models Brain

Human Models Liver

Incubator; 12"x12"x12" S.S.

Insect collecting nett;

Insect killing jar;


Leaf area cutter;

Leather strip;

Magnifying Glass – 3 dia China

Male and female cones of Pinus

Measuring cylinder; M.c 100ml, 250,500,1000


Micrometer Occular (Occular disc 10 mm 100 dia)

Microscopes ; (Compound)

Models for kidney and L.S of kidney

Models of Meiosis

Models of Mitosis

Models T.S of Stem of Selaginella

Mounted Charts Showing different Human Systems

Mounted Charts Showing Transverse Section of Root, Stem and Leaf

Mounting Needle; Plastic big

Oven (lab); 12"x12"x12" S.S.

Overhead projector

Permanent Slides Budding in Hydra

Permanent Slides Congugation in Paramecium, Budding in Hydra

Permanent Slides Showing Unicellular animals/plants

Permanent Slides Transverse Section of Root, Stem and Leaves,

Permanent Stained Section of Human Kidney

Pestle & Mortar;5"

Petri dish; Aluminum 4" (10cm)

PH – meter; digital or pen type

Physical balance;

Pipette; 10,20,25ml (30 each) Borosil Glass

Plant Models : Bifacial leaf

Plant Models : Bladderwort

Plant Models : Dicot / Root

Plant Models : Gametophyte of Selanginella

Plant Models : Liverwort

Plant Models : Pitcher plant

Plant Models : Root Monocot

Plant Models : Seed germination chart

Plant Models : Sundew

Plant Models : Typical plant cell

Plant Preserved : Adiantum

Plant Preserved : Funaria

Plant Preserved : Marchantia

Plant Preserved : Selaginella


Pocket Magnifier (retractable)

Pointer for Eye Piece of Microscope

Prepared biological slides; For microscope

Razor for section cutting; with blades and nylon handle

Reagent bottle; 250ml

Reagent Glass Bottles with Stopper 250ml medium size N.M China

Root Pressure ; (Borosil glass)

Root Pressure ; (soda glass)

Rubber band

Scientific Balance Weighing Upto 1Kg (Top Pan)

Separating funnel; 250 ml Glass Borosil Glass

Sharping stone for Razor;

Simple Potometer B/glass

Slide box; 50 slides wooden

Slide projector

Slides cabinets; for 1000 slides

Specimen tube; 2"x1" glass

Stage Micrometer

Staining Rack; 6"bottle wooden

Starch And Iodine Paper

Starch Test Paper

Syringe plastic with needle

Syringes 2 ml

Test Tube Holder Iron c.p.

Test tube holder; iron c.p.

Test tube stand; 12 tubes

Test tubes; 5x5/8 inch

Thermometer, Maximum Minimum

Thermometer; 110C

Thistle Funnel (glass) medium size B/Glass

Thistle funnel;

Transparencies for Projector

Transparencies for Projector Meiosis

Tripod Magnifier; 10x

Trough glass; Glass 8"x4"


Watch Glass - 4 dia medium

Watch Glass - small

Watch glass; 3"

Water bath ; 6" copper (Double wall, Heater, 6 holes)

Weight Box; Physical (1mg - 100 gm) Brass

Wooden Slide Box for q100 slides



Asbestos sheet pieces 10” x 10” x 1/ 16”

Barometer; complete with show cases

Beaker 1000 ml R

Beaker 500 ml R

Beaker 250 ml R

Beaker Borosilicate glass 100 ml R

Beakers (with different sizes); (100 ml,250, 500, 100) 25 each

Beehise shelve; 3"

Beehives shelf porcelain

Bell Jar; 8"x4"


Bottle Aspiratory (5L)

Brush for test tube

Buckner funnel; 3" J brands

Bunsen burners; Brass c.p.

Burette 50 cc special B/G

Burette brushes;

Burette clamps; Fisher type clamps

Burette stand metallic large 8” x 5” base brass rod with heavy brass made clamp and Bosshead special quality (Set)

Burette stand wooden red shisham

Burette stands; plastic 9"x6" complete set w/Ring

Burettes;plastic 50ml polylab


Capillary tubes Pak superior

Capillery tubes (for melting points);

Carbon electrodes 6”

Cavity plates; 6 holes

Chrometography cabinet ;(32” x 9” x 33”)

Clamps with boss head; small size

Condenser big size ;(30cm)

Condenser Reflex;

Conical flask 250 ml Borosil Glass

Conical flasks; 250ml borosil

Coulometer; 5 Litre

Crucible; 25 ml

Crucibles 25 cc with lid

Deflagrating spoon brass

Descicator plates; 6"

Desiccator “4” dia (100 mm)

Dishes (China); 3"

Distillation apparatus; 4 Litres stainless steel, Electrical automatic

Distillation flasks with side arm (250ml);B/Glass


Dropping bottle; plastic 60ml

Electric heater Pak made (Hot Pear)

Electrolytic cell;

Electronic balance 1 gm to 1 kg (Imported.)

Evaporation dishes 60 cc (3”)

Files (Triangular) 6”

Filter papers (for chromatography);

Filter papers (with different sizes);Dr. Watts, 11cm

Filter Pump; brass c.p. heavy

Flask filtering (500 ml); Borosil Glass

Flask-flat Bottom (250ml); Borosil Glass

Flask-round Bottom (250ml); Borosil Glass

Flat bottom flasks B/G 250ml

Funnel stand shisam wood

Funnel stands; With retort ring 9"x6" complete

Glass funnel 3” B/G

Glass jars (Gas Jar) 6 “ x 2”

Glass tubing Pak soft

Graduated pipette; borosil glass 10ml

Hand gloves ; (Medium & large)

Hoffman’s Voltammeters; borosil glass

Hot plates; round 8"

Ignition tubes;

Infrared Spectrometer;

Kipp’s Apparatus 250 ml Polylab

Leibig’s Condensor 300 mm (12”) with stand

Lgnition tubes pkt of 100 pcs Geny Glass

Litmus paper blue pkt of 100 strip

Litmus paper red pkt of 100 strip

Magnesium ribbon

Magnetic stirrer ; With hot plates, S.S. top, 2 litres

Measuring cylinder ; Glass (Soda)(100 ml)

Measuring cylinder ; Glass (Soda)(10 ml)

Measuring cylinder ; Glass (Soda)(1000 ml)

Measuring flask 10 ml B/G

Measuring flask 100 ml B/G

Measuring flask 100 ml B/G

Measuring flask 1000 ml B/G

Measuring flask 2000 ml B/G

Measuring flask 25 ml B/G

Measuring flask 250 ml B/G

Measuring flask 250 ml B/G

Measuring flask 50 ml B/G

Measuring flask 500 ml B/G

Mechanical Stirrer; 2 Litre with Hot plate

Mecker burners ; (To work on Bunsen gas cylinder)

Melting point apparatus;

Mercury metal lmp 500 wt

Model Atomic plastic balls and springs Englsih type Set of Senior Polylab (Set)

NMR Spectrometer;

Optical Spectrometer;6" S.S.

Oven;14"x14"x14"Alum or S. steel

Periodic table (charts) large coloured USA type 100x150mm

Pestle & Mortar; 6"

Petri dish 4”

PH Paper 1 –11 with colour scale Roll

PH-meters; Electrical pen type

Physical balance in glass case marble base capacity 200 gms, sensitivity 10 mgm with original weight box

Pinch clips; Iron c.p.

Pipette (one mark); borosil glass 25ml

Pipette brushes;

Pipette graduated 10 ml B/G

Pipette graduated 20 ml B/G

Pipette graduated 25 ml B/G

Pipette graduated 5 ml B/G

Pipette stands;12 pipette

Quickfit apparatus for distillation consisting flask and condenser quickfit pyrex (Heating) complete

Reagent bottle 125 ml N.M

Reagent bottle 125 ml N.M

Reagent bottle 250 ml N.M

Reagent bottle 60 ml N.M

Reagent bottles ; 500ml Soda

Reagent bottles ; 125 ml Soda

Retorts 250 ml B/G

Round bottom flask B/Glass 250 ml

Rubber cork assorted size

Rubber tubing soft 8mm

Separating funnel ; borosil glass (250 ml)

Separating funnel 250 ml B/G

Separating funnel 500 ml B/G

Silica crucible (with lid);25ml

Single Pan Analytical Balance ; (Electric cum-Battery operated)

Sodium silicate 500gms.

Soxhlet apparatus; With condenser complete, Borosil, 250ml

Spatula stainless steel 6”

Spatulas; 6" spoon type stainless steel

Specific Gravity bottle 25cc B/G


Spirit lamp large 250 cc glass 125 ml


Stands; 8"x5" Heavy with 24" rod card box pack

Test tube holder lron with wooden handle

Test tube brushes;

Test tube holders; Iron c.p.

Test Tube stand steel for 12 tubes S.S.

Test tube stands; plastic

Test Tubes 16x 150mm

Test tubes; 15x125mm N/Glass

Thermometer 110 C x 1 red

Thermometers ; (110)

Thermometres (300-3 & 02);360 C

Thistle Funnel N/Glass

Tongs lron Nickelled 6”

Tripod stands iron 6” x 4”

Tripod stands iron 8”x 4”

Vacuum pump;25 litre 1/4 H.P.

Valumetric flask ; Borosil Glass(100 ml)

Valumetric flask ; Borosil Glass(500 ml)

Viscometer Ostwald ; borosil glass

Washing bottles plastic 250cc Poly

Washing bottles; 2"x1" N/Glass

Watch Glasses 3” O 1st Quality

Water Bath (double walled fully automatic); 6 hole

Water bath copper 6” dia

Water distiller; DISTILLATION Apparatus, Single complete with stand, 5 litre

Watmann,s filter paper 12. 5cm.

Wire gauze with asbestos 4” x 4 “

Wooden Cork assorted size

Woulfs bottle 150 cc



Optical bench apparatus and rods (Steel)

Abonite rods

Ammeter (0-0 6/0 – 3 amp) best quality bench type dual range

Analog Ammeter (Ammeter with pointer)

Analog ammeter (Ammeter with pointer)

Analog Ammeter (Ammeter with pointer)

Analog Ammeter (Ammeter with pointer)

Analog Multimeter (Multimeter)

Analog Voltmeter (Voltmeter with pointer)

Angle iron 6 feet long graduated nickled with iron support stand and steel ball complete

Apparatus to show force on a conductor in a magnetic Field

Avometer Mechanical high ranges Model MF 15

Bar magnet

Bar Magnet Plastic Coated Ceramic

Bar magnets (strong magnetic field) 4 ½” size

Battery holders cell box for one tow cells red woo box with brass terminals

Bell jar & Air Pump

Burette Clamp and Boss Head

Calorimeter with wooden jacket + Stirrer + Lid superior

Capacitor apparatus ( behaviour of capacitors in A.C Circuit) complete with China meters complete superior.


Car bulb (12 volt) on wooden base with terminals.

Carbon Rod

Circular coil apparatus (for magnetic field) red wood stand brass terminals superior.


compound pendulum

Concave lens

Concave lense 2” dia superior

Concave mirror

Concave mirror 3” dia optically true

Connecting wires Copper PVC covered coil of 90 m

Connection wires

Connection wires

Constant volume air thermometer wooden stand on cast iron base brass leveling screws & glass pulleys bulb superior quality.

Convex lens

Convex lense FL 10- 12 cm dia 2” FL 10.12

Convex mirror

Convex mirror 3” optically true superior

Convex-Concave lens

Cork borer set of six large heavy brass made sup.

Crocodile clips with insulated red and black

Daniel Cell and accessory

DC power supply

Diffraction grating 600 lines per inch (15000 lines per inch)

Diffraction gratting

Diffraction gratting

Digital multimeter (multimeter with pointer)

Drawing board large 24” x 18” hollow plymade

Drawing pins

Electric Balance precision type capacity 300 gm sensitivity 10mgm (0.01gm) for precision Labortatory use for 220 volt

Electric caloimeter in wooden box sup. Quality 3” x2”

Electrically maintained tuning fork large size on wood base superior quality


Fly Wheel Unit

Fortune’s Barometer (for Atmospheric pressure ) wall type filled with mercury sup. Quality

Free fall apparatus all metallic brass pulley with metal bibrating rect. Pope having sliding weight complete

Full set apparatus (characteristics of PNP transistors) in large wooden box fitted with china meters complete superior quality.

Full set apparatus for law of conservation of Moment Apparatus superior quality.

Full set apparatus for Melde’s experiment vibrator for freq. AC supply for 220 volt superior


Galvanometer (best quality) 30-0-30 bench type

Geometry box wooden large for black board superior quality.

Glass beaker (500ml) borosil glass China bomax

Glass rods

Glass Slab

Glass slab 3” x 2” x 3/ 4” thick size

Gold Leaf Electroscope

Graduated cylinder (100 ml)

Gravesend apparatus red wood board on cast iron base with brass levelling screws fitted with two brss pulleys and 3 set of brass slotted weights each set 5 x 20 gms total 100 gms complete

Heating plates ( hot plate) with 3 ranges regulator

Helical spring apparatus on iron stand with brass scale and 5 x 50 gm total 250 gm brass slotted weight complete set.

Hoffman voltmeter

Holder for lense Y shape on metal adjustable stand superior

Hooke Law

Hot plate + Power Cord

Hypsometer copper sheet made sup. Quality

Inclined plane and roller with accessories

Inclined plane red wood stands brass pulley, brass roller with pan complete superior quality

Iron meter rod st. steel 1mtr scale

Iron stand large 8 “ x 5” base brass rod with brass made heavy duty clamp and bosshead complete set special export quality


Jockey knife edge

Joule equivalent experiment set

Joules Calorimeter



Kgm slotted weight iron with hanger ½ kg each total 2 1 /2 kgm (Sonometer)

Lead shots 500gms

Lens & mirror holder

Magnet (U-shape)

Magnetic compass needle best quality

Mass Box

Masses (Fractional)

Masses Box

Maximum minimum thermometer

Mercury lamp + Choke+ Box

Metallic bob with hook (brass aluminium & copper) set of 3

Meter rod wooden best export qualiry

Metric bridge

Microammeter china complete set.


Milliammeters bench type AC dual range 0-100/0-500mA

Needle with adjustable stand all metallic superior quality

Ohmic resistors

Ohmic resistors

Parts: Helical spring, Holder, Ruler

Pendulum balls

Physical balance (beam balance) Triple bear 2610gm

Plane mirror

Plane mirror (8” x 6”)

Plane mirror holder wooden black

Plano-convex lens

Planoconvexlens for Newton’s ring white glass 60mm

Plates for Simple Cell Zinc

Plotting Compass

Post office Box plug type fitted England wite wound coils accurate quality philip Harris type superior


Potentiometer four wire red wood base brass terminal with jockey

Power supply (12 volts) 2 Amp regulated 3,4,5,6,7,5 12 volt Model MW –2122A best quality Taiwan

Precision Balance

Prism 1 ½: size superior



Pullinger’s apparatus ( for coefficient of linear expansio vertical form in wooden frame with test rod and spherometer superior quality.

Resistance (different values) alongwith (colour scheme Carbon resistance (different wattage, ¼” size

Resistance Box 0-5000 Ohms plug type fitted England wire wound coils accurate quality philip Harris type sup

Resistance wire (Nichrome ) 28 or 30 swg. Pkt=100gm

Resistors box

Resistors box

Resonance tube apparatus all metallic plastic graduated tube plastic reservoir sliding in brass rod special, export quality.



Rheostat sliding resistance oc percelain pipe English type special grip jockey 0-300 ohm 0.8 amp pak assembled export quality 20cm 2 ½ “

Rheostat sliding resistance oc percelain pipe English type special grip jockey 0-1750 ohm 0.3 amp Pak assembled export quality

Rheostat sliding resistance on heavy percelain pipe English type special grip jockey 0-600 ohm 0.3 amp pak assembled export quality large size 6”

Ripple tank apparatus fitted with small motor and power supply for 220 volts sup. Quality

Rubber pad


Screw Driver Neon Test

Screw gauge (o – 25) large size

Sealed battery 6 V

Searle’s apparatus for Young's Modulus with 2 ½ Kg iron slotted weight complete set.

Semi conductor diode apparatus complete large box fitted with three DC large size China meters sup. Quality

simple pendulum

Slide wire bridge red wood base, nickled strips brass terminals with jockey.

Slotted weights

Small metallic ball

Small sphere

Sodium lamp + Transformer+ Box

Sodium lamp35 watt bulb with choke in box for 220 volt complete

Soldering Instrument and stand

Soldering paste

Soldering wire

Solenoid Apparatus

Solid Cylinder brass 25mm x 12mm Brass


Sonometer full meter long Red wood box with brass pulleys w/o weights with etc. superior


Spectrometer 360 x 0.1 degree students English type sup quality. S.S.


Spherometer 1 / 100 mm large size sup.


Stand holder for concave mirror on adjustable metal stand superior

Steam Boiler

Stop watch

Stopwatch best quality 1/ 10th mechanical diamond brand

Striking hammer (rubber)

Strip of plane Mirror (3” x 1”)

Stroboscope disc only hand operated Model

Stroboscope disc only hand operated Working

Tangential galvanometer

Test tube 4” x ½”



Thermometers (110 C) half degree red

Torches with Cells

Travelling microscope

Travelling microscope large size horizontal 230 mm vertical 180 mm with vernier japan type sup. Qty

Tri-beam balance

Tuning forks

Tuning forks (different frequencies) best quality blued steel original Sheffield

Van de graff generator

Variation of current with intensity of light by using photocell apparatus in large wooden box Pak with DC moving coil bench tyoe 0-200 U

Vernier Caliper

Vernier calliper 6” St. steel

Voltaic Cell

Voltmeter (0 – 3/0-15 Volt) best quality bench type dual range

Weight box 1 – 100 gm with fractional in plastic case

Wheatstone bridge

Wooden wedge shisham wood

XY- oscilloscope

Young’s Modules Apparatus